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The following Data Privacy Declaration describes the methods through which gains and processes the Personal Data of its users. This platform gathers information solely for the purpose of advancing its legitimate interest in offering an affiliate marketing service or ensuring the overall upkeep and advancement of the site. All actions in this regard are diligently executed in compliance with the current data privacy legislation.


About This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy confirms the procedures employed by to accrue, retain, employ, and safeguard the information submitted by users during their utilisation of our website or services. Additionally, it illustrates the rights concerning data protection which apply to each and every user of the website.

Please review the definitions of the following legal words, as you will see them throughout this Privacy Policy:


Personal Information and Its Collection is required to collect specific Personal Data from website visitors in order to provide the platform's stated services. This task is carried out in one or more of the following ways:

During the usage of or the services extended thereby, users may intentionally share varied Personal Data. For example, when a person fills out our contact form, they deliberately enter their name and email address; we consider this data as being supplied of their own free will and with their consent.

When a customer engages in some communication with, they may share information extending beyond their email and name over one or multiple exchanged messages. The user's deliberate act of providing this data signifies their willful consent. However, any data submitted by the user that is unrelated to our conversation with the customer or the services provided by the website will not be processed.

The website uses cookies to monitor the performance of our website and to assess the preferences or tendencies of our clients. This enables us to anticipate and cater to their needs more effectively. The deployment of cookies is not aimed at individual user identification but rather at the analysis of user groups based on shared attributes or behavioural trends.

Handling of Personal Information solely evaluates users' Personal Data to carry out the activities specified on our website, to provide a secure and pleasant browsing experience for website visitors, and to explore potential options for improving our services. We meticulously adhere to all existing legislation protecting users' data rights.'s reasons for the collection and processing of user data are as follows:

  1. Contractual Performance: Specific Personal Data must be supplied to ensure the delivery of the services outlined on our website.
  2. Compliance with Legal Obligations: is mandated to collect precise Personal Data to adhere to the conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws.
  3. Legitimate Interest: In pursuit of its valid interest in the maintenance and advancement of this website, may also gather or process Personal Data, provided that it can verify that such endeavours do not impose upon visitors' rights in any way.
  4. Consensual Collection: Visitors of the website may request that their Data be processed for reasons other than those specified in the preceding categories.

Kindly take note that although may assume the role of Data Controller within this context, it does not engage in the handling of private data. We refrain from storing any data within our systems in any manner. Instead, the online casinos are responsible for the management of your Personal Data, should you opt to register with any of them.

If you have additional queries regarding the processing of Personal Data, we highly recommend that you contact the casino with which you have registered, as it acts as the Data Processor within this scenario.

Why We Collect and Use Personal Information

Part of's responsibilities is to collect the aforementioned data in order to execute the website's main services.

Set out below are the distinct objectives that involve the gathering and processing of data:

Cookie Integration

Cookies are data files that sites use to identify users, bringing additional insights into the function of various aspects of our website. In addition, they also monitor user interaction across diverse branches of our content. As a result, can make use of this data to plan and carry out upgrades that will alter the functionality of our website in the future for the benefit of users.

You may experience some of the following types of Cookies during your stay at

Basic Cookies

Also referred to as 'Permanent Cookies' or 'Essential Cookies,' they are necessary for the seamless operation of this website. Without these cookies, specific features such as the auto-fill functionality will be inaccessible to users.

Google Analytics Cookies may also gather cookies offered by Google Analytics for the purpose of delving deeper into its performance. Although these cookies are not required, they provide additional data about our client base's preferences and the effectiveness of our content, helping to develop this online platform.

Third-Party Cookies

Furthermore, cookies from third-party companies with which we have established relationships may be used on the site.

Keeping Personal Information refrains from retaining the data gathered from its users within our servers. As previously stated, when clients use to choose a gambling site or special promotions, our software automatically transmits their choices to the suggested casinos. Consequently, the responsibility for the storage of the user's Personal Data resides with the chosen online casino in which the user engages and takes part.

When processing user data, the casinos with which we have created associations actively adhere to the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that customers familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of their chosen casino, as it might be different to this one.

Personal Data Protection

Our dedicated team has carefully ensured the adherence of this website to all preconditioned technical standards, thus guaranteeing a secure and safeguarded browsing experience for our clientele.

Furthermore, visitors can also rest assured that will not disclose their private information to unauthorised individuals. However, if the data of a client is required to be disclosed with an additional party, such as an official organisation, due to legal duties, will notify the client and, if necessary, obtain permission from them.

Moreover, none of the staff employed by possesses the authority to share users' personal information. Everyone on the team has signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). The handling of your personal information is restricted to the minimum number of workers required to provide our services.

Nevertheless, there may be extraordinary circumstances in which some entities, like legal authorities, contact with demands to access our users' Personal Data. Such incidents may occur, for example, during an unlawful examination into a user's behaviour. In such cases, we promise to thoroughly assess our position and legal requirements, as well as to determine the legitimacy of the demand.

In these circumstances, will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine whether compliance with such valid requests outweighs the data privacy rights of our users. We will consistently give priority to the rights of our customers unless a legal framework supersedes them.

Personal Information Sharing

In the case that a third party makes a request to access your Personal Data, shall promptly inform the customer regarding the situation.

Please take note that it might become essential for you to read the Privacy Policies of various third-party websites, as they might not line up entirely with our own.

Furthermore, should ensure that particular allowed third parties, other than the suggested casino sites, have permission to use your data. The exchange of your private information with these companies is required for the online platform to function properly. For example, in accordance with the technical specifications of the site, our hosting provider might have access to certain information submitted by users.

Nonetheless, we assert our commitment to following the terms set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other relevant data protection laws when it comes to the sharing or processing of our clients' Personal Data.

Your Privacy Rights Regarding Data

According to data privacy regulations, every visitor of our online platform has the following rights, which include the rules established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

More User Privileges

Additional laws concerning the obtaining and utilisation of Personal Data in relation to the user's location may apply. We urge customers to use our Contact Us form to reach if they have any more questions. We will respond to all queries within a month's time of the receipt unless otherwise specified.

Alterations retains the option to alter or update any content on our website, inclusive of this Privacy Policy. While we aim to inform customers of any modifications, we maintain the option to execute changes without prior notification. All revisions to the website content become effective immediately upon their implementation. We recommend users periodically revisit our Policy pages to remain informed of the latest iterations of these documents. It is important to note that by continuing to use's past alterations, you provide your consent to them, irrespective of whether you have been informed of them.