About Us

Our diverse, highly capable team is passionate about one thing only: making online gambling fun, accessible, and safe. For this reason, we created a space that can help players discover the best online casinos around and claim exclusive bonuses that will make your time playing Fishin Frenzy that much more fun!

Invenio Values and Goals

Our company helps make betting online easier and more secure. We dedicate the time and effort necessary to sift through the thousands of casinos available worldwide and identify the best companies where you can play slots like Fishin Frenzy so you don't have to do it yourself.

Of course, it's true that any bettor can easily find an Internet casino. There are so many of them out there! But finding a good, trustworthy one? That's a whole different story and one that doesn't always end happily for players who cut corners in their research.

True to our initial ambition, we built this website to make discovering trustworthy casinos much easier for online gambling enthusiasts such as yourself. We really took players' needs into consideration. Drawing on both our personal experiences and in-depth research, we identified the most pressing concerns for players and potential ways to make their lives better.

First, we considered how many online casinos are around. The answer is too many to count! It almost seems as if a new casino springs up every hour. As a result, the digital gambling space is quite saturated with businesses, and at least half of them aren't even that good at what they do. From mediocre services to outright scams, there are too many questionable companies gamblers would want to avoid.

So, to help you enjoy your favourite online slots in a much better environment, we built this site. Here, you can get connected with some of the industry's most well-liked online casinos, discover amazing bonuses and return time and again to claim extra free spins to spice up your Fishin Frenzy experience.


About Our Affiliates

The basic principle behind our platform relates to our casino partners. Who they are, how we choose them, and what they can do for players - those are the main factors contributing to our app's usefulness.

Using our extensive experience in the online betting space, we've carefully selected the best casinos according to a set of unifying factors. To ensure you get the best gambling environment possible, we insist that we partner only with companies which:

  • Are permitted to offer gambling services by respected regulators;
  • Have a rich portfolio of successful games by established developers, such as the Fishin Frenzy slot, among others;
  • Offer versatile payment options for quick, hassle-free payouts;
  • Are absolute fan-favourites in the gambling community, as proven by hundreds of user reviews.

What's more, our affiliate partnerships enable us to negotiate some amazing deals with these casinos. Whether it's a deposit match bonus you're looking for or additional free spins at your favourite slot, we put some pretty sweet offers at your fingertips. The best part is you can use our platform as many times as you want, since our selection of casinos and bonuses evolves all the time.

The Invenio Team

All of our platform's magic is thanks to the joint efforts of our whole team. By bringing professionals from different backgrounds, we're capable of looking at the casino space from many angles and finding creative solutions to the problems players face.

At the helm of our team, we have two incredible experts who know the Internet gambling industry like the backs of their palms. Meet the brains behind our operation - the people who help us sift through casinos and offers to find the very best ones for you.

Jennifer Wallace

Jennifer Wallace

Jennifer Wallace is our 'insider,' having worked at many casinos in the United States, especially the Meccas of gambling - Atlantic City and Las Vegas. She applies her comprehensive industry knowledge to her evaluation of online casinos. She's seen it all and can spot a great deal (or a scam) a mile away. That's why her input in our casino reviews is invaluable.

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Ralph Berry

From a leading digital marketing strategist to a dedicated casino game reviewer, Ralph is an essential part of our team. He brings over 15 years of experience driving successful marketing campaigns, and also playing tons and tons of games. He knows how to have fun, but he also has a sharp eye for how things should work. Thus, he's great at identifying what the best casino games are, and, as a seasoned player, knows which casinos have the best offers.

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Ralph Berry

We Believe in Stress-Free Gambling

Above all else, playing casino games should be fun! We want you to enjoy the excitement of the initial bet and the thrill of the win without any dark clouds hanging over your head.

Nothing can rain on your parade quite as much as worrying about whether the casino you've picked is trustworthy. Players have been burned by various scams in the past. For instance, some casinos offer games by suspicious developers whose odds of winning are not transparent and give the casino an unreasonable house edge. Others claim to do everything by the book, but when it comes to paying your winnings, you start running into unexpected difficulties.

We at Invenio don't want anyone to experience these potential negatives. That's why it was so important to us to create a star-studded platform that weeds out the scams. By playing at the casinos we recommend, you just need to focus on one thing: having a good time!

Working at Invenio

There'd be no magic happening at our office if our team were overworked and unhappy. Gambling is a fun industry to be in, and we've embraced that at the Invenio headquarters!

Not only do we play-test many new games daily, but we also have dedicated zones for our staff to relax. Our office is also equipped with a gym and a library that are free to all Invenio team members. In fact, we actively encourage our employees to take frequent screen breaks and explore the facilities as both a physical and mental reset.

What's more, the company also supports the further development of all staff outside of the office. We allocate funds for courses, seminars, and other events that will further sharpen the tools in all of our toolboxes.

In other words, Invenio is a place where innovation, creative thinking, and continuous growth are well-loved priorities. If you wish to join our awesome team, don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact form or check out our social media for more info. We recruit year-round and welcome applications from all over the world, so we'd love to hear from you!